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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The new Facebook Profile


Dear blogwalking,

Yesterday my GF complain that she cannot get through to my FB profile. So I wonder how come she cannot go to my page... is my page being hacked/cracked and my setting are already change? I said to my GF...

And today I check my Facebook account and everything ok. No sign of hacking/cracking. But when I go to my GF FB page than I saw the "upgrade your FB profile". No wander she said yesterday she cannot go to my profile. She already upgrade her profile.

To me the new FB profile seem like more interactive compared to the old profile. Look fun and interesting to me. I hope that the interface didn't slow down my loading page because I'm using slow broadband connection because at my kampung still using the GPRS internet connection. That is all I have here to get online. The next 30km from my kampung which is Lundu is more faster internet connection which has the 3g line.

By the way let say the FB page slow loading, can I change back to "classic" one so that I can access my account? But I think there is other FB site that can be access which is the Mobile version. The lite FB version that I found the story over that internet said that they already terminate the service... huhu...

Anyway correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day ;)

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glue Sniffing


Dear blog walking,

Glue sniffing among teenagers is like a trend at my hometown. Well if you at the right "port" (a place where the teenagers release their glue addicted) you can see a bunch or group of teenagers enjoy their glue sniffing. I don't know what is the best thing about glue sniffing.

Like other drugs, glue sniffing also can make the sniffer become high and next step become addicted. Stupid, stupid and so stupid... that is all I can say to the glue sniffer. Besides that it really gives bad impression to the visitor especially the tourist that came to my place (Sematan) as their place for visit.

To my kampung teenagers, don't be stupid for the short fun glue sniffing. I'm admit and saw in front of me they sniff the glue. At the time they already high and play like super power human being. I thought when I come back to my hometown the teenagers at my kampung didn't do it again but I was wrong. It is like never ending.

Maybe next time I'll take their picture and post in my blog.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Currently at my hometown Sematan, Sarawak.


Greeting blogwalking,
I have trouble to connect with blogspot at my kampung. Really sad that I can't used it because of the internet connection is not as fast compared to the urban area where there has 3g or batter hi speed connection. Well back to my kampung only has gprs. The nearest 3g connection is at Lundu.
For your information this is my 3rd times try to post to my page. Huhu but still fail to post. Well I still try my best to post something new on my blog.
During this december, Christmas is around the corner. Christmas carolling already begun...
I take this oppurtunity to wish all 'Merry Christmas and happy new year'. May god bless you.
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