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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Downloads page


Today I just finish my 2nd page which is the Downloads Page. Most of the content I just Rss feed from which I usually installed in my laptop / PC. Other coming free stuff downloads will be post in this page as well. If you have request for any software or song etc also can comment or request in this page. By the way, I also used Build a Feed You Can Cut n Paste platform as my rss feeder because it is easy to used (cut n paste)...

So check my Downloads Page for new update software from that I used in my laptop / PC.

Thank you...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Free Berita Harian newspaper at Kl Sentral station.


Wow... this is my first time ever being given free Berita Harian newspaper. I felt like I'm dreaming when the Kl Sentral station staff given the newspaper to me...

The story begin when my GF and I finish our lunch at the Jom Makan foot court. Then we go down using the escalator. Suddenly a man wearing the blue shirt given us the free newspaper. At first I'm thinking ordinary free newspaper (like The Star if I'm not mistaken) but when I look at the newspaper it is Berita Harian... So I just felt like I'm dreaming or something like that because I just thinking of reading the online version while I'm eating at the food court using my Nokia 5800 express series with the free wifi provided by the MRCB. But unfortunately, I can't concentrate to my handphone because I focus to my Char Kueh Tiaw... haha

Anyway thanks for provide us free Berita Harian newspaper. I really appreciate your kindness because provide us full of information and update news.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I loves doing graphic design...


Dear readers and cheers...

Today I want to share about my passion. I love design. But at the same times there is a lot of things I need to learn in graphic design... But slowly I learn many things in graphic design while I'm 3 month 15 days internship at the production and event company. Credit to them for teaching me a lot of things in graphic design.

Letter from YourVoice (online survey)


Nielsen Company teruja mengumumkan bahawa kini kami mempunyai perjanjian dengan Survey Sampling International, LLC (SSI). SSI iaitu sebuah syarikat kajiselidik global yang sangat dihormati sejak 1977, di mana ia mempunyai pengalaman kajiselidik di 50 buah negara. Sebagai sebahagian daripada perhubungan baru kami, pada ketika ini SSI akan menguruskan serta memelihara panel Your Voice.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nokia C3 winner (week ending 31 Oct 2010)



First of all, Happy Deepavali.

Ok... OMG today I want to share the Nokia C3 winner. Already announce at 8tv Quickie show. His name is Andy Telasai. Well he deserve to be come the winner because he got 616, 365 score for the C3 socialista contest at contest

Anyway congratulation to Andy Telasai to win the Socialista C3 contest...

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