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Friday, June 14, 2013

Gawai 2013


Dear readers,

This year, I went back to my kampung just in time during Gawai Eve. I rush went back using my motorcycle and took about 2 hours riding from Kuching to Sematan. I miss almost of the side event before the main event which is the 31st May and the midnight 1 of June. So this year I didn't feel the HEAT of this Gawai 2013 celebration. But even though I'm not 100% full participate all the activities this year, at least, I still can be part of the nearly vanish traditional culture event... hehehe

 The above picture shows the activity before and after the Gawai 2013

Yah... the night Gawai Eve is the most waiting event a.k.a "must not miss" event of the day. This is where all the kampung people enjoy dancing after the long waited day and celebrate the Gawai before the 1st of June. The Ketua Kampung will lead the then and the main event of Gawai 2013 Started.
The above picture shows the kampung people enjoy the activity on Gawai Eve 2013

And when the clock approach nearly 12 in the midnight, all the people gather at the longhouse (samihk) and the Ketua Kampung or (orang tuha binua) will lead the ceremony and all the people wait anxiously to celebrate most celebration of the year, The Gawai Dayak 2013.
 The above picture shows theKetua Kampung lead the Gawai ceremony

After that, the Gawai 2013 begun...
The above picture shows the kampung's music tradisional group

The above picture shows the kampung people took part dancing the tradisional dance along the longhouse (Samihk)

Fuhh... after that I cannot stand anymore and my eyes shows symptoms of tiredness... Then I went back home, take a nice sleep like at my comfortable bed. haha...

That's all the story that I can share my experience this Gawai Dayak 2013. Please comment if any of the doubtful information above.

Thank you and happy reading.

Never thinks twice but always think ahead beyond!

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