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Sunday, June 29, 2014



Dear valued readers, 

Today I would like to post not about supernatural or whats so ever. It is about a normal living human but doing 'extraordinary' things. 

'Extraordinary' things here is about the sacrifice that someone doing without any payback in the future. I know some of us still doing it and they usually come from humble and loyal family in religious. Not all of us willing to do it anymore because this type of people think it is waste of time and can't generate. Even big company organise charity program but it still not enought because they usually doing because of publicity or public awareness. Without that no chance at all. 

That is why I still admire Mother Teresa. Without boundry she try her best to do public service community to save children all over the world and giving education to the children. Poverty is not barrier for her to stop her intention to help neediest family and children to have smile in their face. 

Nowadays the civilize human race has made the world fight for power and money. Everyday we heard people fight each other and claim that they do it for right. But again it is right for them doing like that? 

None of the rasionalize thinking will make all the right is right. Pray is the best decision. The world only a temporary place to create who we are. None is best is the best and worst is the worst because sometimes ordinary can become extraordinary. 

That all I can share for today. Have a nice day guys and think for future and pray. 

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