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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Long last 2015-2019


It been long time for not updating my blog since last 2015-2019 (if I'm not mistaken). Yeah... 4 years without updating any post in the blog is a long time for a silent. You know life sometimes good sometime a bit rough.

Happy sad laugh and tears are all common things that happen in our daily life. Without knowing what is happened in the future is what we have to face it everyday in our life. Even we want to avoid it to be happen but it is beyond our control though.

By the way... All these past is our best memories. When we think it back sometimes without knowing it make we smile, laugh, tears and so on... Back then we say to ourself, stupid, selfish, awesome, wow and many more... you name it. Hahahaa...

Ok enough for today... Hopefully all you you read this post will make your day full with enjoyment in your daily life. Don't think hard for the day just make it a best memory for your life. Enjoy...

Maybe I'll start post more picture that what I have done these years and share some info.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Selamat Hari Gawai


Gawai festive season is just around the corner. Every native in Sarawak, the land of Borneo especially in Kuching will celebrate Gawai every 1st of June. What are you waiting for... Some kampong might have unique event to celebrate the Gawai organized by the local people. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm hired!


 Owh yeah... Greeting readers,

Yataaaa... Finally i got a job. Eventhough it is not the job that i dream of but atleast i can start my career already. 

I'm hired and it is true. Hopefully my career will brough me to the next level that i can feel it as a worthful to join. Hemm... Just put that aside first. The most important is to gain atleast a year of knowledge in the field. 

Hemm before i forgot my wish is that i still keep on blogging. A place where i can share atleast something rather than nothing. 

Peace yo. No more unemployment. ^_^

Friday, July 4, 2014

Layout townhall level 7


Dear valued readers,

This wall layout was taken and inspired from the previous attack that I took from the multiplayer mode. I thought the layout is the most hard to break in but after I copy and paste almost the same I found the weakness in it. 

1st of all 2 wall breaker I saw can destroy the double layered wall. Huhu. 
But I realize that my air defend not working because it still under construction. No wonder the dragon easily destroy my base. Haha. 

After all it is the best and long usage of layout and I like it untill I saw another best layout to copy. 

Happy gaming n play Clash of Clan

Sunday, June 29, 2014



Dear valued readers, 

Today I would like to post not about supernatural or whats so ever. It is about a normal living human but doing 'extraordinary' things. 

'Extraordinary' things here is about the sacrifice that someone doing without any payback in the future. I know some of us still doing it and they usually come from humble and loyal family in religious. Not all of us willing to do it anymore because this type of people think it is waste of time and can't generate. Even big company organise charity program but it still not enought because they usually doing because of publicity or public awareness. Without that no chance at all. 

That is why I still admire Mother Teresa. Without boundry she try her best to do public service community to save children all over the world and giving education to the children. Poverty is not barrier for her to stop her intention to help neediest family and children to have smile in their face. 

Nowadays the civilize human race has made the world fight for power and money. Everyday we heard people fight each other and claim that they do it for right. But again it is right for them doing like that? 

None of the rasionalize thinking will make all the right is right. Pray is the best decision. The world only a temporary place to create who we are. None is best is the best and worst is the worst because sometimes ordinary can become extraordinary. 

That all I can share for today. Have a nice day guys and think for future and pray. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Installing blogger apps in my phone


Dear my valuable readers,

I just installing the Blogger apps in my smartphone and hoping It would help me update and share stories instantly. 
This is my first time using this apps. Finger cross nothing such a big trouble for me using it for the first time.  

Have a nice day guys and see ya blogging. 
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